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Hindi Suvichar Content

Hindi Suvichar is a collection of my self written Hindi poems, thoughts, slogans, and many more. This blog also has some of the other poet's poems that we like most the people share to us for publishing its articles here. Our blog inspires the Hindi Language that is India's mother tongue language.

What We Provide to Users

  • You like our poems, then you can write about them in the comments.
  • You can contact us about the Problems of our website directly using our contact page.
  • If you want to get your poems, etc published on our blog, then you can get them done on the blog through our guest post.

Policies of Hindi Suvichar

  • You cannot use abusive words in a comment.
  • You cannot misbehave with us and any of our visitors.
  • If you have any problem with us or any of our post then you will contact us directly using Contact Us Page.

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Link Spamming is strictly prohibited on our site. without our permission, any of the Visitor does not post a link on our site. This site is built on the Blogger platform, so the Blogger Privacy Policy applies to it.

Advertisement Policy

  • Google Adsense program ie Google Ads has been installed on the Hindi Suvichar blog, which is our income source. 
  • All information is provided free of cost on this blog.
  • We do not force you to click on an advertisement. You click on the advertisements with your own free will.

Term and Conditions

Hindi Suvichar is a part of the Google service. So You can comment on this site only through Gmail.
  • In the violation of comment policies, we can delete your comments without your permission.
  • We can block you from our blog. After blocking, you will not be able to visit our website
  • We can use cookies for the future of our site.


Hindi Suvichar is a blog of poems, slogans, thoughts, etc written by Neeraj Bansal. Every article or image is written by Neeraj Bansal has copyright reserved, so no one can publish an article on his website without his permission, it would be against our Policy. Whatever the article has on this website is for entertainment only. If anyone claims the copyright of the article, then we will delete it from our website after checking it.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We can change our privacy policies at any time without giving any information.

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The contents on this website can be read and shared for personal entertainment purposes only. If you want to republish this work in a commercial setting, please contact the author. All the images, Poems, Quotes, Slogans, Thoughts, Vichar in Hindi and blogs are subject to copyright. Viewers are free to share the content on their social media but all rights are reserved by Hindi Suvichar. In case of any dispute after sharing, the person sharing the content will be solely responsible for any damages. The author does not take responsibility once the content is shared through social media.